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Why Blogging is Essential For Your Business in 2022

Updated: May 16, 2022

In Marketing it is easy to want to follow trends and try to find the next lightning in a bottle viral hit. With social media apps like TikTok, Instagram and Twitter it can happen out of nowhere for sometimes no particular reason. Striking gold is a nice way to inject a quick boost of traffic into your business, but there are still tried and tested methods to sustain constant growth for your business, blogging being one of those methods.

Is Blogging Still Relevant?

Earlier this week at The Loud Pixel when speaking with a client, the question was brought up. "Is blogging even still important?" In 2022 that is a very valid question, seeing as most blogs are stuffed with click bait and spam, while social media easily provides the same information we are searching for but in a quicker way. Even with social media being the largest information provider in 2022, the answer to this question is - Yes. Blogging is still very important and can help your business in numerous ways. Lets take a look at 3 reasons why blogging will help your business continue to stand out.


Even if you aren't a well established blogger with thousands of views, the most important viewer is already looking at your content. That viewer is Google, and other search engines that will crawl your blog post as soon as its published. As we mentioned in our blog about SEO, search engines are created with the purpose of helping users find information and content on the internet. Since Google is the largest search engine, we will use them as an example to explain what blogging will do for your digital marketing. When you create written content Google will look at the words that are being used to determine how relevant your post is to what someone is searching for online. When the right keywords are used throughout the blog, it signals to Google "Hey, this is what you are looking for! Show them this blog." As a digital marketing agency it is important to note though that Google is a very intelligent system, therefore the content must be of good quality. Stuffing random keywords throughout a page of words with no effort will only end up getting you punished by Google, flagging your post as being low quality.

2. Backlinks and Shares

Speaking of SEO, part of what makes search engines want to share your web page with more people is seeing that other people are sharing it as well. A backlink is a term to describe a link to your website, from a different website. This backlink can come in the form of an image with a link attached, text links or even comments and icons with links embedded into them. If Google sees that other websites besides your own are talking about something on your page, it signals to them that its worth showing more people. Creating awesome blogs are a good way to receive authentic backlinks from people wanting to share what you have created with their audiences. If your business is one that requires instructions or tutorials on things surrounding your niche, try creating a blog post about it so that your customers will share with others that share the interest!

3. Content Creation

At The Loud Pixel, we specialize in digital content creation in several forms. When creating content Instagram and YouTube aren't the only ways to engage with your audience. Blogging can be a great way to touch base with your email list, keep people in the loop when it comes to new announcements and updates, or even just give your target audience something to quickly scan through in order to stay on their mind each day. Not tracking your customers with an email list yet? Contact The Loud Pixel team so we can help start a blog and get a strong email campaign started.

Start Blogging Now

Whether you have an audience to share your featured post with already, or are just starting out in the creation of your business, blogging is a great way to position your content to pay off in the long run. The awesome thing about blogging compared to social media posting is that Google and other search engines will continue to keep your post in a data base, sometimes going back months later to bring your content back up to the surface. Think of blogging like gardening, laying seeds everywhere that will grow over time, creating a fruit for you to enjoy later.

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